An Introduction to Awareness
The Pure Nondual Presence of Awareness that is Reality

The nature of experience cannot be truly understood unless the  form of experience is first seen clearly.

An Introduction to Awareness” is a philosophical journey that takes the reader into the heart of the presence of nondual reality – a reality in which the “spiritual” world and the “actual” world are not separate; in which the “physical” reality of science is a practical and imaginative construction of causal mechanisms imposed by us upon the spontaneously creative, uncaused, manifestation of Nature – a way of thinking about the world that is useful for manipulating it, yet which is not truly real.

But this practical way of seeing Reality comes at a great cost; one that we suffer from every day because we have come to see ourselves as causal mechanisms too. We have accepted the mythology of science that asserts that we are separate from what we experience, that the forms of phenomenal existence are the serendipitous concretions of haphazard activity, and that the nature of a thing is nothing more than the mathematical expression of its statistical probabilities – that Nature has no soul. We have allowed this tool of thought – science – and this simplification of reality – mathematical modeling – to overwhelm the truth of our presence here and now – this alive presence that we have come to think of as our physical person acting in this physical world.

What we are is Awareness. Awareness is not some attribute that our bodies have; instead, it is Awareness that manifests our bodies and this world Awareness is the soul of Nature. It is this irrefutable truth that is used as the starting point for the journey on a path along which our ideas about existence and self are analyzed and shown to be erroneously constructed out of a most basic misunderstanding of what experience is: the error of believing that we are objective observers of a separate world that we experience.

It is not an easy thing to change how one views the world. It is, in fact, a very difficult thing to do. Conceptual thought is part of the nature of being human, yet we forget that concepts are merely imaginative models of reality that simplify what is real. We can be misled by these concepts, as we are misled by the apparent independent reality of things. But it is possible for each one of us to have the necessary insight to overcome these errors – to use reason to undermine its own erroneous conclusions – on its own terms.

This book shows another way to view the world, another way to construct your thoughts about it, in order to realize the wholeness of reality, while still retaining the practical means of living that the modern world has given us. It teaches you how to use concepts in a way that does not endanger true understanding.

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Some Reader Comments:

“Corrigan's book displays a rare combination of spiritual insight and philosophical inquiry. While there is no shortage of books of one type or the other, a book that combines them both is a precious gift indeed.”

                - Thomas

“This should be a landmark book in Western philosophical thought.”

                - Dennis

“This beautiful book challenges the intellect to gaze upon itself from an unaccustomed place. Letting it unfold, I realized that it is also a direct view of an ongoing process which begins in the mind and comes to rest in the heart.”

                - Maria

“I'm spending a few weeks on St. John, Virgin Island.

I brought one book with me.”


“I very much enjoyed your use of metaphor and poetic language. Your book is like a warm exciting Friday evening (only it didn't leave me with regrets and a headache on Saturday).”

                - Jenny

“Thank you for writing this great book, I hope millions read it.”

                - Dorothy

“Bloody Brilliant!”

                - Anthony

“Corrigan uses the language and thought structure of philosophy, yet is clear enough so that people not usually drawn to philosophical writings can understand.  He sounds like the kind of teacher you wish you had.” 

                - Jerry

“The thoughts presented are both fascinating and may, just may, be closer to the truth than anything I have ever heard and I have been studying consciousness most of my 48 years.”

                - Jack

“The book feels like the kernel of enlightenment stripped of any and all mystical, mythical or historical context; which one has to concede any sort of genuine enlightenment probably should be!”

                - Steve


                - Zenlama

“I appreciate the simplicity with which he presents his ideas, for it serves to strip away the excess and get right to the profundity of them.” 

                - Samantha

“I think it is worth the effort to digest this book, although that will take time. It is obvious the author has devoted thousands of hours to thinking through the issues. And he has amazingly gotten to the bottom of them in his own fashion.”

                - Dave

“From the few pages I have read I get the impression that this book is very special - and has been born from a long and penetrating investigation. I get the sense that a certain magic is contained within its pages. Magic born, not of stale ideas but derived of that inner alchemy that re-presents the known in a fresh and revealing way, a new view, a new day break so to speak, transforming the stale, or misunderstood, and revealing a deeper truth, a simpler truth, in a fresh and beautiful vista.”

                - Rob